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New Debby Ryan TikTok Recreates Classic Disney Channel Looks





Recently, Debby Ryan, former Disney Channel star, posted a TikTok recreating fashion looks from her classic Disney Channel roles, including Jessie, Suite Life on Deck, and Radio Rebel. Debby has taken the internet by storm throughout the past couple months. A certain scene from Disney Channel Original Movie, Radio Rebel, resurfaced as a popular meme. In the celebrated scene, Tara Adams, played by Debby Ryan, carefully places her hair behind her ear while displaying a coy smirk.

debby ryan as tara scott making the smirk face, meme

In Debby’s new TikTok, she takes part of a popular hashtag trend, #whatidwear, the original video caption reading “What I’d wear to fashion week in…” followed by clips of the different outfits. Within the Radio Rebel clip, she reclaims the meme’d smirk. She even tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

Debby’s such a good sport! We’re really missing the Suite Life on Deck and Radio Rebel days. Currently, Radio Rebel remains one of the few missing Disney Channel Original Movies on Disney+.


Which one of Debby’s Disney Channel roles is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


Olivia is a 20 year old English student and life-long lover of Disney parks. She has been visiting Walt Disney World since her childhood, and she aspires to visit each and every park around the globe.