National Treasure 3 Reportedly Moving Forward at Disney

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The wait has been long and disappointing for fans of the National Treasure movies, and has seemed for quite a while like maybe we just wouldn’t see another puzzle-filled romp through the pages of American history with Benjamain Franklin Gates. However, things are finally looking up. It appears as though Disney is finally moving forward with National Treasure 3, with Jerry Bruckheimer producing once again and Bad Boys for Life screenwriter Chris Bremner penning the script. This could be the real thing, folks.

The National Treasure 3 report flew under the radar, at least for the first few minutes after it went live. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Sony is developing Bad Boys 4 and explained that Bremner would be writing the script for the new film after knocking it out of the park with Bad Boys for Life. The last paragraph of that report stated that Bremner was also writing National Treasure 3 for Bruckheimer, who just produced Bad Boys for Life.

Since the article from THR was mostly focused on Bad Boys, there was little in the way of information regarding National Treasure 3, save for Bremner and Bruckheimer’s involvement. But that’s more than enough for fans, because it’s the most concrete evidence to-date that this movie will finally happen.

Disney executives and National Treasureproducers are constantly asked if and when another installment will arrive, proving just how deep the love for the first two films goes. Back in 2018, National Treasure director Jon told that he, Bruckheimer, and star Nic Cage were ready to make another installment, but that Disney wasn’t ready to spend the money.

“It’s a no,” Turteltaub said at the time. “I would love there to be. Nic is like, in wardrobe right now. Jerry Bruckheimer is ready to go. We would love to.”

He also mentioned that someone would have to “come up with about $80 million” in order to get the third film made.

The arrival and success of the Disney+ streaming service might have changed things in the last two years, offering more ways for a film like National Treasure 3 to get the green light.

Source: ComicBook

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