The chickie nuggies I bitey bites with my teefy teefs and it makes me happy happs!

YouTube magician Rahat is famous for his drive-thru pranks. And after a two-year hiatus, Rahat has brought along a new friend for a drive-thru adventure.

Grogu (Baby Yoda), surprised drive-thru workers while looking for chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. The employees didn’t expect to see the little green guy and were pleasantly surprised when he pulled up to the window.

And their reactions were priceless. The employees scream, laugh, smile, and even call their co-workers over to see the start of Disney+’s The Mandalorian. You can watch the full video below!

Credit: MagicofRahat on YouTube

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Baby Yoda from this video, it’s that he definitely prefers chicken nuggets over chicken tenders.

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