Moana 2 looks to be officially in the works! What can we say except- you’re welcome! After almost five years, there’s finally some word of the sequel!

With the love and success of the first movie, fans have been waiting on the edge of their seats for news on a sequel. Especially after Frozen 2 came out and was such a huge hit. Moana grossed over $600 million worldwide.

moana 2

With that kind of fan base, it’s easy to want to see Maui and Moana come back for round two. Add the beautiful Polynesian culture, and it just makes sense to have a another movie. If there’s a second movie, hopefully we’ll get more loveable characters and addicting songs!

moana 2

Details are rumored to be in the works. In fact, it’s been heard that songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda might be helping out with the sequel as well. He helped create many of the songs for the first Moana movie.

Of course, the movie would not be complete without Dwayne Johnson and Auli’i Cravalho. However, rumors are circulating that both will be returning if Moana 2 officially happens!

Sadly, no official word has been released from Disney about the movie. So, when will the sequel happen? Hopefully soon! And if it’s anything like the first, we’ll be in for a real treat!

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