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Mickey’s Birthday- a Special Surprise at Disneyland




Mickey's Birthday

Today we celebrate Mickey’s Birthday! He graced the screen 92 years ago and is still a huge part of our lives today. To commemorate this special day, the iconic Partner’s Statue has been restored to it’s former glory.

Partners Statue

The Partner’s Statue, created by Blaine Gibson, features Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. The above photo was taken Nov. 18th, 1993, at Disneyland Park to commemorate Mickey’s 65th birthday.

Disney Parks Blog adds:

Over time, the bronze had oxidized, and because of the applied patina, acrylic polymer and wax, it required a more intensive process than just a simple cleaning or polishing. Over four days, an artisan utilized a process using crushed walnut shells to gently strip the figure down to the bare bronze. After cleaning, various chemicals were applied and heated with a blowtorch to create a reaction and fuse with the bronze. The figure was coated in a polymer to protect the patina, then coated with a very thin layer of wax.

Partners Statue

Guests visiting Buena Vista Street, an extension of the Downtown Disney District, will be able to see the Storytellers Statue, which has also been restored. Just off the train from Missouri, this statues shows a 1920s era Walt, in a fedora and traveling attire. Mickey, of course, is by his side, ready to go.

Storytellers Statue

Happy Birthday Mickey! We hope to see ya real soon!

I grew up on Disney and being from Arizona, I was able to go every summer with my family. My love of all things Disney has just grown over time and have now been instilled into my marriage and our three wonderful kids! We love Disney and go as often as we can.

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