Mer-Mazing Doughnuts!

Get one before they swim away!1 min

One thing we all know that Disney does best is, FOOD! Specifically, deserts and treats! 

Disney Theme Parks continue to indulge our tastebuds with delicious seasonal cupcakes, churros, and DOUGHNUTS! Kids and adults love doughnuts! Breakfast, lunch, or snack. Doughnuts are always a YES! 

The newest doughnut drama is a Mermaid Doughnut that is splashing its way to Walt Disney World. Disney World recently released the mermaid cupcake, so in response we now have a mermaid doughnut! This fresh-baked doughnut is just as delectible and Instagram worthy as the mermaid cupcake. 

Now, you may be wondering what is the new flavor of this doughnut? Well, this Little Mermaid-inspired treasure is a purple-iced yeast doughnut with purple sprinkles. And! Topped with magical white chocolate treasures that you could only find under the sea!

COMING SOON to Prince Eric’s Village Market. The food stand is across from Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid ride in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. If you troubles locating the market, ask the nearest Cast Member or follow the sweet smell of doughnuts! This is the ONLY location that will offer these doughnuts.  

We are unsure of how long this Ariel-inspired item will last or if it is permanent. But, just in case, try one soon! 

Photo Credit: (Popsugar)

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