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Maternity Ward Gets “Frozen” Over




Go ahead and add “baby fever” to our “Frozen fever, because we want to give all the warm hugs to these adorable newborns who were dressed up to celebrate “Frozen 2.”

Photos: St. Luke’s

The babies were born at St. Luke’s South Hospital in Overland, Kansas last week. The maternity ward thought it would be a cute idea to dress the babies up in celebration of the release of “Frozen 2,” and looking at these pictures, we are glad they did!

Photo: St. Luke’s

Photo: St. Luke’s

Photo: St. Luke’s

The parents were completely on board for their precious new bundles of joy to get all dressed up in Elsa, Anna, and Olaf crocheted outfits. The babies have going viral and are melting frozen hearts everywhere since the hospital first posted them to social media. They might not be old enough to enjoy some Elsa cookies, wear any of the Anna and Elsa makeup line, enjoy a Happy Meal (or the toy), or even attend the second movie in theaters (since they probably haven’t seen the first one yet), but that won’t stop them from eventually loving the franchise or these photos of themselves. The families were allowed to keep the outfits, too!

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