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Mark Hamill is Reportedly Open to Star Wars Return

Tabitha Boothe



Seeing Mark Hamill, as Luke Skywalker again, hasn’t seemed possible. Especially since the conclusion of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. Firstly, this amazing Jedi was killed off in Episode VIII, but also, it wouldn’t have made sense to bring him back within the Mandalorian’s timeline. That all takes place around 25 years prior to the Force Awakens.

However, after months and months of speculation and rumors, Luke did in fact make an appearance in the Mandalorian. Fans of the Star Wars franchise were blown away to see the almost 70 year old actor. Thanks to CGI, we were able to see Young Luke, once again, wielding the force.

Mark Hamill

Seeing Luke interacting with Baby Yoda and Din Djarin was the perfect way to end Season 2. Even more, this cameo has brought back some renewed talk. Will the original trilogy’s hero become a part of the franchise once again?

After talking with key players at Lucasfilm, sources say that Mark Hamill is open to a proper return into the Stars Wars Universe. However, any further details still remain unclear. Obviously, using CGI to de-age Luke wouldn’t cut it for an entire season. But, he could always be a Force Ghost if there are plans for more movies or TV shows. Especially if they continue on from where The Rise of Skywalker left off.

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