Usually when it starts to rain in the Parks guests seek shelter in gift shops or brave the weather in ponchos. Not this guy.


These Disney Cast Members we’re DYING when I did this 😂 #disneyworld #disneycastmember #fy

♬ original sound – JoJo Crichton
Credit: @jojocrichton on TikTok

Disney fan and content creator JoJo Crichton decided to beat the Florida heat by lying down to enjoy the rain. It was a pretty unusual sight, which caused Cast Members near Big Thunder Mountain to burst out laughing. Seems as if JoJo was the only one to have the idea because no other guests are visible in the video.

JoJo, who visits the Parks often, also posted another angle of the video with the caption “When lightning closes all your fav Disney rides.”


The saddest moment #disney #disneyworld #disneyland #fy

♬ Falling – Harry Styles
Credit: @jojocrichton on TikTok

Looks like you don’t have to ride Splash Mountain or eat a Mickey Bar to cool down at Disney World!

If you enjoy JoJo’s content, check out his YouTube channel for more fun in Walt Disney World!

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