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Man Creates a Replica of Cinderella Castle with 7,300 Corks




Standing over a workbench in his Huntingdon Valley studio, Walter Deuschle shaves a wine cork with a Swiss Army knife. He patiently chips away, making small slices until the cork takes the hourglass shape of a castle balustrade.

“Work like this is what keeps you young,” says the 90-year-old retired chef-turned-artist. “It engages your hands but also your mind, “Deuschle’s creative output is prolific. In the last 15 years, he’s created dozens of cork sculptures.

He says it’s a form of meditation. His latest project — completed in November, after nearly two and a half years of work — is a 40-inch-high, 56-inch-wide replica of the Cinderella Castle in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Take a look at this outstanding work of art!