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Making Disney Magic With Chalk Art




In a time of uncertainty, artists keep us laughing, connected, and hopeful in multitudinous ways. Casey Drake has been doing just that by using her free time to create Disney themed masterpieces outside of her Florida home. Drake, a self-taught artist and mom uses a medium which many of us have at home- sidewalk chalk.

Her artwork appeals to both adults and children alike by combining beloved characters and humor to bring to light our new (and sometimes hard to deal with) cultural norms.

In an interview with Insider, Drake expressed the meaning behind using chalk to create art:

“It washes off when it rains. It’s a reminder that this is all temporary. This will be done too, the chalk will go away, and the quarantine will end eventually.”

Looking on the bright side of the pandemic is something that Drake’s art emphasizes. She alters the characters iconic phrases, outfits and accessories to fit our new day and age in a humorous manner.

Astonishingly, Drake only got started in April. Since then, her social media following has greatly expanded. As of this posting, she has 42,000 Instagram followers and climbing. Her work has also gotten attention from people all around the globe including being spotlighted on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Drake not only draws Disney characters, but has also tacked Tiger King, Despicable Me, and Back to the Future along with other titles. Check these out and more by clicking the links below!

Abbie is a college student studying media communications . She wishes to spread the magic of Disney by writing with JustDisney. When shes's not writing, she likes to paint, stay active, and spend time with her family and friends.

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