Major Spoiler Alert From Target Frozen 2 Toy!

We have just discovered that wedding bells are soon to be ringing in Arenedelle! Thanks to a reader who sent in this screenshot to Just Disney, Target has posted Frozen 2 toys to their website showing play sets. One in particular, is of Kristoff and Anna with him proposing to Anna! The engagement news comes just over one month from when Frozen 2 hits theaters. Target hasn't pulled the products that were leaked to the website even though the movie isnt available go view.

Frozen 2 focuses on Elsa finding out the origin to her powers and rest assured this story is even more epic than the previous installment. Did Anna and Elsa’s parents actually survive the shipwreck? Does Kristoff’s proposal go off without a hitch? We’re soon to find out all the answers as Frozen 2 hits theaters November 22nd, 2019!

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