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Magic Glitter Pills Add Pixie Dust to Your Poo




We have access to stream an amazing number of Disney movies at the push of a button on Disney+. We’ve been blessed birthing huge amounts of memes featuring “The Child” AKA “Baby Yoda. Stores and the internet have more than enough merchandise to live, sleep, and eat everything Disney… And now there are magic pills that can transform your poo with pixie dust being a very real “thing.” What a time to be alive… but with great power comes great responsibility, and the pills aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

As hilariously awesome it is to think about turning your bowel movements into Tinkerbell-tinted treasures, a statement by the FDA is wiping this invention away with warning to to the public that the trend can have explosive consequences. Consumers should make sure to completely do their own duty and read the fine print. The number one thing people should be looking for is whether the item they are eating is marked “EDIBLE” instead of “NON-TOXIC.” “Edible” means it was made from ingredients that are safe for our bodies to consume including corn starch, pearlescent-colored additives, and sugar. “Non-toxic” or “for decorative purposes only” means you should probably consider impressing your friends with your sparkling personality over a cheap bathroom trick.

But since we know some people just can’t help themselves straining to buy anything and everything that could help them release their inner pixie, we’ll say it again that no one should ever eat actual glitter, like in these capsules, unless it explicitly says ‘EDIBLE” (unless you want to end up with a not-so-magical case of diarrhea or even irritated lungs from inhaling dust from burst capsules).

If you want to be magical by impressing people with beautiful bathroom things (which we’re not sure why that would be a “thing,” but if you feel the urge) consider something that will have everyone excited to go when they see you installed one of these gorgeous glitter toilet seat covers! This provides the solid magical touch you’re pushing for, and is a lot cheaper than an embarrassing trip to the hospital for glitter inhalation…

Another thing to keep in mind is that most hospitals don’t accommodate their patients with Disney-themed gowns, blankets, decor, or glitter commodes, so we would prefer to hold back on any situation that would plop us anywhere near having to end up there!

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