Magic Kingdom Vice President Speaks on Cinderella Castle Makeover

In an article on the Disney Parks Blog, Magic Kingdom Vice President, Jason Kirk, spoke on the recent ‘royal makeover’ of Cinderella’s Castle. Kirk spoke about the changes coming to the parks in response to the Coronavirus, but guests will also notice the changes in colors of Cinderella’s Castle. He stated that, “Cinderella’s Castle is currently in the process of receiving a royal makeover and the work is nearly complete!”

Earlier this year, Kirk announced the reimagined color scheme of the castle that the Walt Disney Imagineers created. Progress on the blue rooftops began in May, but came to a halt when the parks closed. After a closure of nearly 116 days, Cast Members were able to get a first-hand look at the castle’s makeover this past Tuesday.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Kirk also highlighted some up-close details of the gold trim, blue rooftops, and sapphire dusting that really make Cinderella’s home pop in the sun.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Here is a comparison of the concept art of the castle that was posted back in February of 2020 (left photo) and the actual paint job (right photo):

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

There has been quite a mix of opinions concerning Cinderella’s Castle’s makeover due to a circulating picture that made the castle look extremely pink a few weeks ago. This photo was taken at a distance before anyone was allowed into the Magic Kingdom, which made it hard to see the details of the castle. This left many Disney fans on social media disappointed with the paint job, however most people on social media have had a change of heart now that closer pictures have been taken.

Here’s what people were saying on social media about the castle’s upgrades during Cast Member previews:

It seems as though the once ‘Pepto Bismol’ pink that everyone was afraid of turned out to be much more subtle.

Today, some new observations of the actual painting method of the castle were made. It seems as though the crew working on it are making a bit of magic on their own by creating a paint-by-numbers project.

Painting of the castle will continue over the next several weeks as the painters apply their final coats to one of the most iconic (and magical) castles in the world!


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