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Loungefly has Done it Again! New Tangled Light Up Backpack Available Exclusively at BoxLunch.




It’s no secret that Loungefly has some of the best Disney bags around, but they constantly raise the bar, and this upcoming mini backpack is no exception.

Credit: Disney/Loungefly

This mini backpack is approximately 8 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ x 4″ in size. There is one large opening, and two small pockets which you can see on the image above that is on the sides. The black and gold color scheme fits the beautiful Tangled scene.

Credit: Disney/Loungefly

The backside of the bag sports two adjustable straps and “I See the Light” with some lanterns beside the text in gold embroidery. This phrase is part of the fan-favorite song from the scene shown on the front of the bag with Rapunzel and Eugene watching the lanterns from their boat.

Credit: Disney/loungefly

The interior is a deep blue color with many lanterns floating. There is a small Velcro pocket inside the bag which holds a switch. When you flip it, some of the lanterns on front actually light up!

Credit: Disney/Loungefly

This bag is not out yet, but pre-sale is available on BoxLunch. The bag can be yours in October, if you pre-order now estimated shipping/pickup dates range from October 13th – October 24th. This bag can be yours for $79.90.

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