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Kermit Sipping Tea Dethroned by Baby Yoda Drinking Soup




We have never heard him say a word and we still don’t even know his real name, but “The Child” (AKA Baby Yoda) is changing the world every week simply by existing. There have millions of viral-worthy posts with the little fella including someone photoshopping him riding Splash Mountain, and we love every single one. His image is now being emblazoned on a ton of hastily-released official “The Mandalorian” merchandise. This time though, he’s responsible for dethroning the gossip queen… or should we say frog.

In the most recent episode of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+, the world was gifted a squee-worthy scene of Baby Yoda drinking a bowl of soup, and everything happened so quickly after that… In that same moment, he unknowingly stole the years-long spotlight of tea-sipping Kermit The Frog, who’s image had become synonymous with online drama and gossip.

It’s not you Kermit, it’s us. We appreciate you helping us throw shade and sip tea all these years, but we’re moving on now because we just can’t get enough of this little guy. The things he does are pretty normal, but with those innocent giant eyes and ears, almost every single thing he does (including literally just standing or sitting there) in the show goes instantly viral and we don’t want it to stop even if it means dethroning staples from our GIF banks. A limited amount of official “Baby Yoda” merchandise has been released before the holidays, but much to fans disappointment does not contain a plushie doll… yet.

Any guesses as to what he will do next? Tell us in the comments, and check out Baby Yoda riding Splash Mountain. As always come join Just Disney on social media to stay in the loop!


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