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June Minnie Mouse Main Attraction…Finally




credit: shopdisney

This year, Disney decided to put out a Minnie Mouse collection each month, honoring different rides from around the parks. The collection includes a mini Loungefly backpack, a Minnie Mouse plush, Minnie ears headband, a mug, and pins. June’s theme was Peter Pan but was delayed, due to the worldwide pandemic.


The UK had their June series launch on schedule. Some people in the US have resorted to purchasing from people in the UK at higher prices or bidding on Ebay for these items.

Credit: Ebay

According to the US ShopDisney Website, there will be an option to sign up like a lottery system called Merchpass. You pick which items you are interested in purchasing. This will open on 7/27 and close on 7/28. If chosen, you will be able to shop on 7/29. This seems like a more streamlined way than the recent virtual waiting room for Disneyland’s 65th Anniversary collection where they had over 65,000 people in line and waiting in line, only to find out the items they were waiting to purchase had sold out. These same items were available a week later but sold out again within a couple of hours. So get your shopping fingers ready to sign up. Hopefully, you get a spot!


July has also been launched in the UK so we may be one month behind in the US. Here is a look at that collection.

Let’s take a look at previous Minnie Mouse Main Attraction designs:


Credit: shopdisney


credit: shopdisney







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