July Minnie Mouse Main Attraction will soon be available

The 8th edition of the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction is based on King Arthur’s Carousel ride in fantasyland. The carousel was built in 1922 and operated at Sunnyside Beach Park in Ontario Canada. It was moved to Disneyland in1954 prior to its opening date of July 17, 1955.

The ride was refurbished and modified to fit in with the Fantasyland theme. It consists of 68 horses and 1 chariot bench. Each horse has a name. Walt Disney’ favorite horse was Jingles, who is the lead horse. The horse was dedicated to actress Julie Andrews, who played the original Mary Poppins.

The collection includes a Loungefly mini backpack, a Minnie Mouse plush, a mug, and ears. They bring out the nlue and pink colors from the ride and feature a white horse, just like all the horses on the ride.


You can find the collection on the ShopDisney website. It will be available via Merchpass, just like June’s edition. You can sign up for the merchpass on 8/11/20 from7AM PT to 11:59PM PT. The website randomly chooses who gets to purchases certain items they signed up for. The website didn’t give a purchase date. It may be posted when sign-ups are live, or when emails are sent out. It doesn’t cost anything to sign-up, so try your luck to purchase one of these beautiful items.


Here’s a look at August and September’s collections.



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