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Johnny Depp to the MCU?

0 2 months ago

Johnny Depp’s journey with “Pirates of the Caribbean” may be over, but it seems that he’s likely starting a new one, with the MCU. Reports are coming out that Depp met with Marvel a few weeks ago On the agenda? His desire to play Ghost Rider/Lemuel Haskill/Bounty Hunter.

Although that is the role Depp would like to play in the MCU, he has also been linked to other characters. Recently, it was reported that he was being considered for Corsair or Korvac. Corsair (X – Man) is the leader of the Starjammers, and father of Cyclops, Havoc, and Vulcan. Korvac is the possible villain in Captain Marvel 2.

These are unconfirmed rumors at this point. However, since he has been linked to so many characters, it’s likely he will land a role. Would you like to see Depp in the MCU?

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