The holidays are officially here at the Magic Kingdom, and that means Jingle Cruise is back! (It’s the most punderful time of the year).

The skippers are getting homesick for the holidays. So they decide to decorate with gifts and homemade decorations from home.

Since 2013, the world famous Jungle Cruise has been making the festive holiday transition into the Jingle Cruise. It’s love at frost site! From the queue, to the boats, to the jungle itself, these decorations are tree-mendous!

Jingle Cruise
Jingle Cruise
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Even Trader Sam has…traded in… his smock to join the festive spirit and become Santa. He’s an elf-made man!

Trader Sam

The Jungle Cruise boats have even been redecorated for the holidays. Some of these names are ferry impressive.

  • Amazon Annie- Eggnog Annie
  • Bomokandi Bertha- Brrrrr Bertha
  • Congo Connie- Candy Cane Connie
  • Ganges Gertie- Garland Gertie
  • Irrawaddy Irma- Icicle Irma
  • Mongala Millie- Mistletoe Millie
  • Nile Nellie- Noel Nellie
  • Orinoco Ida- Orino-cocoa Ida
  • Rutshuru Ruby- Reindeer Ruby
  • Sankuru Sadie- Sleigh Ride Sadie
  • Senegal Sal- Poinsettia Sal
  • Ucyali Lolly- Yule Log Lolly
  • Volta Val- Vixen Val
  • Wamba Wanda- Wassail Wanda
  • Zambezi Zelda- Fruitcake Zelda

As the story goes, the Jungle Cruise Navigation Co. is having a little trouble this holiday season. A plane has accidentally dumped Christmas cargo all over the river and jungle. Guests are encouraged to hop aboard a boat, and help look for all the Christmas decor. Be sure to hold on for deer life!

Everyone is excited to see the Jingle Cruise again this year. To find out what else will be coming this season, be sure to check out these Holiday Events at Walt Disney World.

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