Incredible’s Frozone To Be Added To Frozen Ever After – 2021

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Off of the blockbuster success of Incredible's 2, Disney is looking to add Frozone to an attraction at Disney World. One of the easiest, and most useful properties was to make the decision to add Frozone to The Norway Pavilion in EPCOT. 

Top executives are always looking to add more park synergy and branding with their intellectual properties. In 2020 Frozen Ever After will close for a 4 month overlay which will place Frozone directly in the attraction with Elsa at the climatic scene right before the boat travels backwards. Our sources deep inside WDI have whispered that Elsa and Frozone will have a short battle as you plummet backwards towards Arendale.

The story line will be altered periodically throughout to tie-in The Incredible's visiting Arendale and Jack Jack being babysat by Oaken at his Trading Post.

We will have more speculation and connect the dots soon as this story develops!


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