I’m Lovin’ It! Walt Disney World Ride Vehicles Reportedly Coming to McDonalds!

Photo posted by @happilyaveryaft

While this rumor still has yet to be confirmed, images lean towards the possibility of Walt Disney World ride toys coming to McDonalds USA November 17th. Included in the line up of potential toys is:

  • Goofy on a Train (Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway).
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse in a car (Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway).
  • Mickey Mouse at the Mission: SPACE Mountain attraction.
  • Minnie Mouse at the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. 
  • Donald Duck at the Mad Tea Party.
  • Pluto at the Jungle Cruise attraction.
  • Mickey Mouse at Hollywood Tower Hotel.
  • Daisy Duck at Soarin’ Around the World. 
  • Goofy at the Expedition Everest attraction.
  • Minnie Mouse at DINOSAUR.

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