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How To Fill The Void When You’re Missing The Disney Parks Because of Quarantine

So, everyone knows what’s going on in the world right now, except for maybe Ariel, she’s been stuck under the water for sometime now. With COVID-19 and Disney Parks being shut down for weeks now, I know some serious DisNerds like me are going CRAZY! And let’s be honest, some of us obsess over Disney to make our harsh realities more bearable. Besides Disney is an absolutely “Bare Necessity!”

So you might be thinking, ‘Ugh, I need some Disney Magic (and a way to avoid my roomie for a bit because I’m secretly an introvert) and I can only watch so much Disney+ in one day… what more can I do to help ease the pain of not being in a Disney Park?” Well, fortunately for you, I have some ideas!

Idea Number One: Research and Plan your next Disney Parks outfit! Okay, hear me out! This isn’t just for women, they also have a great selection of ideas for kids and men outfits as well. Everything from comfty shorts, to what kind of shirts help you stay cool, and even what kind of shoes are the most comfortable. And if you’re wanting some advice on how to slay your makeup at the parks, they have great articles and pins for that, too! Plus, Pinterest also gives good insight about who sells great Mickey ears for your next adventure… and even if your next adventure isn’t right around the river-bend (Pocahontas anyone?), these ears can still be worn in the house to add an extra sparkle to your day or in the car while driving through Starbucks. Hopefully you’ll get some awesome compliments from the baristas. (Cue Music from “Get Your Ears On- A Mickey and Minnie Celebration”).

Idea Number Two: Research and Create your own Disney DIY project. Again, Pinterest along with many blogs and even YouTube videos are a great way to get some ideas on some great family-friendly projects. Everything from creating delicious and delectable Disney inspired dishes and treats, to painting your nails as Disney charcaters. Making items such as Disney-inspired jewelry, t-shirts, hats, and backpacks, and even making awesome Disney crafts for your pets, this will definitely help you feel a little more magical! And who doesn’t want to feel magical when they’re stuck at home wearing the same sweatpants they went to sleep in the night before? (Visit: for more inspiration)

Idea Number Three: Read some Disney books! By now, if you have Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen some celebrities reading those “5-Minute Disney” stories. Some of them are all about Disney Princess while others ones are more Pixar based. Either way, getting you and your family, or your pets hooked on a good Disney book is always a good idea! Plus, reading can help spark the imagination and take you on new and amazing adventures no matter if you’re sitting on the couch, lounging in bed, or sitting at the kitchen table. I know these books are also available for your Kindle or iPad and can also be found on Audible. For me personally, I like to use my imagination to help conjure up the smell of churros in the parks… anyone else do that? No, just me? Okay.

Idea Number Four: Take a Virtual Trip to the Parks! So if creating, planning, or reading isn’t really your thing, or you just need the kids outta your hair for an hour or so, let them explore the Disney Parks virtually! Now, Disney along with Youtube has allowed viewers to walk down MainStreet, watch parades and firework shows, and even go on rides all from the comfort of your home! Of course, if you want a more realistic feeling of being on Splash Mountain, might I suggest using a bucket of water and splashing it on the kids on a warm summer day? Or maybe just splash them because it’s funny and you need to entertain yourself. Even virtually, going through a Disney Park can help one feel as though they are at “The Mouse House.” And one day, we will all get back there and we will all feel the overwhelming power of Walt and Mickey together. You’ll see, one day, you’ll be back, but like the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella said, “Even miracles take a little time.”

Idea Number Five: Have a Disney Karaoke Night or Morning or Afternoon, whichever you prefer! ABC has put out “Disney Family Sing-A-Long” with guest celebrities and I have to say, I belt out each song with no shame! However, instead of waiting for another ABC viewing, why not make your own Disney Karaoke night? Get some snacks, crank up those Disney tunes, and sing so loudly, Ursula would be jealous! And if the dogs in the neighborhood start barking because you’re singing so BEAUTIFULLY, take it as a compliment! Just don’t be alarmed if the neighbors start calling or pounding at your door…

So, there ya have it! Some ways to pass away time while waiting for the Disney Parks to open once again. As for me, I’m going to keep daydreaming about hugging Mickey, eating a churro, and going on Haunted Mansion!

I hope you have a Magical Day and don’t worry, Mickey will see ya real soon!


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Written by Jordan Milazzo

Hey there! My name is Jordan and I am a HUGE DisNerd! I love all things Disney and Pixar and to be honest, Disney is a way of life! My favorite park is Disneyland and my favorite park snack is the churro! I love to write about items that I’m passionate about which, of course, includes all things Disney!

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