Holidays Back at Disneyland Paris

We recently confirmed that Disney World is decorating for the Halloween season. Now, Disneyland Paris has confirmed that they’ll be decorating for Halloween and Christmas. This is promising for Disney World fans hoping to get some sort of holiday celebration at the park. Along with confirming decorations, they also promised “surprises and entertainment.”

source: Google

The decorations for Halloween start September 26 and stay up through November 1. Then, the Christmas decorations come out November 7, and stay up until January 10. At this point, there is normally a”Frozen” celebration, but it has not been confirmed for this year. The details are few and far between, but the announcement shows that there will be activities. The plans are to follow enhanced safety measures throughout the park.

Source: Google

Hopefully, a Disney World announcement follows soon. Which in park holiday celebration is your favorite?

Carolyn Ambacher
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