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Hey Howdy Hey! The Toy Story Gang Have New Looks in the Disney Parks

Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and Bo Peep have all gotten makeovers! The revamped characters have made their debut appearances in Hong Kong Disneyland. The updates have also made the characters look even more like their onscreen selves. Guests have documented the changes on social media. Check out the before and after versions below!


Woody has gotten a MAJOR update. Most notably, his face has a more rounded and film-accurate shape. The character also has a new suit which makes him look more like the cowboy toy he is. Overall, Woody’s new figure is a much-welcomed sight.

Credits: Jon Fiedler/@360degreesofDisney on Instagram/ Pixar Animation Studios


Jessie also now has a more screen-accurate face. Her hair is also more of a rosy red which sits better under her cowgirl hat.

Credits: Dan Brace/@360degreesofdisney on Instagram/ Pixar Animation Studios

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz looks a lot less creepy in his new updated version. His face is wider and no longer gives that ever so frightening gaze. You look so much better Buzz.

Credits: Dan Brace/@360degreesofdisney on Instagram/ Pixar Animation Studios

Bo Peep

Bo Peeps changes were ever so slight but still needed. Her face is now less shiny and more like the other Toy Story characters that roam around the Disney Parks.

Credits: Dan Brace/@360degreesofdisney on Instagram/ Pixar Animation Studios

So far, these updated characters have only appeared in Hong Kong Disneyland. It is highly likely that these characters will make their way to the other Disney Parks around the world.

What do you think about these much-needed changes?


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