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Heads up Disney collectors! We have new keys incoming.

Disney keys have been a staple among fans for years. From daily store openings to anniversaries and special events. If you frequent your local Disney store, chances are you were lucky and have chosen to take part in the daily store opening. You get the chance to open the store with a giant key and a wish upon a star. After you open the store, you get a replica of a Disney key to remember the moment.

Daily Store key

Over that past two years, Disney has been releasing more and more keys for early morning collectors. Usually only available in-store to the first 50 guests or only until they run out online, these go fast. While traditionally they release one key at a time, this weekend collectors are in for a special treat. Disney is releasing not one, not two, but four special keys. The Studio Keys.

The set includes keys inspired by the four primary Walt Disney Studios:

Walt Disney Animation Studios– Studio that brought us classics such as Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Moana, and many other classics.

Pixar– Studio that changed animation with computer-animated movies such as Toy Story, Wall-E, Coco, and the upcoming Soul.

Marvel– Studio that gave us heroes to look up to from Iron man, to Thor and Captain America.

LucasFilm– The Studio that took us to a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars.

The Studios Key Set will be available on shopDisney on October 17th, at 7AM PST.

***Collectors tip*** Log onto the site 10 minutes early and wait on the ‘new’ page. Refresh until you see them appear. Good luck collectors.


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Written by Victor Salinas

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