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Grant Imahara Passes Away At Age 49




The American roboticist and television host Grant Imahara suddenly passed following a brain aneurysm on July 13th. He was most famous for co-hosting Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. Imahara also worked with Lucasfilms on building and controlling R2D2 for the three Star Wars prequels.

Recently, he partnered with Walt Disney Imagineering on creating a wireless flying Stuntronics Spider-Man. A Stuntronic was described by Imahara as being an autonomous aerial stunt flying animatronic. Disneyland in California was set to debut the groundbreaking technology in Summer 2020.

Credit: Disneyland Resort

His most recent independent project was creating his own functioning Baby Yoda. He debuted his astonishing creation back in March on his social media platforms. He had hoped to share his project to bring joy to children’s hospitals.

Imahara leaves behind countless loving friends and family as well as legions of loyal fans. He will be missed and his work will surely be cherished for decades to come.

Abbie is a college student studying media communications . She wishes to spread the magic of Disney by writing with JustDisney. When shes's not writing, she likes to paint, stay active, and spend time with her family and friends.

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