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France Getting “Mulan” for Free, While Other Countries Pay




Disney shocked fans when they announced “Mulan” would be released on DIsney+, for an extra fee. Now, fans are sure to be even more shocked. As the price of the movie is released in other countries, it’s lower than the cost of the movie in the US.

“Mulan” will be released on Disney+ September 4. In the U.K, the film will be released for £19.99 ($26.99). In most European territories, New Zealand, and Australia, it will be released for between $25.07 – $26.08. However, in France, they aren’t going to pay for anything.

The decision to make the movie free in France comes after the community voiced their annoyance at the hefty price. Therefore, the movie will be released as part of their basic package. It’s unclear when it will be released for them. It’s possible the film isn’t released until a later date in France to combat the fact that it’s free.

For countries who do not have access to Disney+ yet, if their theaters are open, the film will get a theatrical release. It will also have a theatrical release in any country that’s theaters are open. This includes Singapore and Malaysia.

How do you feel about France getting “Mulan” for free?

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