Former Disney employee surrenders to police after selling $300,000 worth of fake tickets

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A former-Disney employee at Shanghai Disneyland has turned himself into the police after claiming he had been selling fake tickets to the park, which earned the man quite a small fortune.

Fan, the ex-employee in question, allegedly produced over 6,000 fake e-tickets for Shanghai Disneyland, which earned him over 2.2 million yuan. For the perspective of someone who lives stateside, this is close to $318,000.

It seems Fan worked at the park until 2018 when he resigned. After ending his job with the Disney Park, Fan took to selling and producing the fake tickets at his home, which he sold from December 2018 to April 2019.

According to Shine, Fan was able to access the company’s website after he left the company, where he was able to download e-tickets the company gives to its employees. Since Fan no longer worked for the company, his tickets had expired. However, Fan decided to download them anyway and modify the words on the tickets from “2017 summer” to a valid date.

Fan reportedly sold each ticket for 100 to 200 yuan, which in U.S. dollars comes to $14.44 to $28.88. To put this discount into perspective from the price of regular admission, a single day at Shanghai Disneyland can run from ¥399.00 to ¥575.00, which is equivalent to $57.61 to $83.03.

To cover the fraud, Fan would purchase authentic tickets for the tourists before they would visit the park.

Fan was able to gather a large number of tickets in a short amount of time and assumed he could make more money with the money before paying for the expensive authentic tickets. According to police, he believed that most people who purchased the tickets wouldn’t go to the park right away.

However, more people needed the authentic tickets than he had originally expected and he had no more money left to buy tickets for them.

Fan ended up turning himself into the police because he believed they would eventually figure out that his acts of fraud sooner or later.

Fan says he committed the crime of selling the fake tickets because he had been out of a job since resigning last year.

When purchasing tickets to any of the Disney Parks around the world, it is always important to only purchase from reputable outlets. Even if a pair of tickets may be available at a cheaper rate, it is still always safer to purchase from somewhere you can trust.


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