A live-action prequel feature film highlighting a young Cruella de Vil is already in the filming stages, and although we have no trailer yet, we DO have some teasers and images from the set! 

The movie ‘Cruella” will star Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser. 

But can we please talk about the teaser pic that was released at D23? The boots, the leather, the makeup… It looks like they are plucking Cruella straight out of the Roaring 20’s and giving her a full 70’s “punk rock” makeover.

From set photos, it looks like Stone’s version of Cruella will be rocking some vibrant red hair before we will see the transition to the iconic half-black, half-white look the villain is famous for. 

Emma Thompson is rumored to be some sort of Baroness-type role, probably Cruella’s boss or in

Cruella is set to be released in theaters May 28, 2021. 

What do you think about the changing decades? Do you love or hate the new look of the iconic villain? Will Emma Stone do the role justice? Tell us in the comments or join us over on social media.


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