Fireworks Back at Disney?

Since the Disney parks reopened, guests have been missing a few key experiences. Character meet and greets, parades, and fireworks have all been suspended since the parks have been back. Disney has come up with creative solutions for character meet and greets and parades, but guests are still missing fireworks. They’re an integral part of the Disney experience.

source: Google

Fireworks resumed at Shanghai Disney recently, so guests have been wondering when the spectacle will come back to Disney World. Recent permits filed in Orange County, Florida hold a glimmer of hope that it may be soon. Walt Disney World Resort filed a permit for “MK Project Nugget F – B Electrical” at 1440 Floridian Way, the launch point for Magic Kingdom’s firework and nighttime shows.

source: Google

It’s not clear exactly what Project Nugget is, but we’re hopeful that it has something to do with resuming our beloved fireworks. What do you think? Sound off below!

Carolyn Ambacher
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