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Fire at Magic Kingdom Closes Storybook Circus Attractions Indefinitely




Guests visiting Magic Kingdom might get a shock to see black barricades around some attractions within Storybook Circus today. The closures were not planned, and we found out why.

Photo: Disney Parks

A cast member who wishes to remain anonymous told Just Disney, “A fire in Storybook Circus is the reason Big Top Souvenirs and Pete’s Silly Sideshow are closed and blocked off. They are still looking at why it happened, so we aren’t allowed to talk about it.”

Photo: Disney Parks

The Cast Member tells us they were instructed to tell guests the attractions are currently unavailable due to “technical difficulties,” but those “technical difficulties” were actually from the fire that appears to have started last night in the shop.

Photo: Disney Parks

At this time, we were told there are no reports of any injuries and there is no expected date/time for re-opening for either the shop or meet and greet location. The Cast Member states the damages were pretty extensive, so it will take a while for crews to clean up and potentially rebuild. The Cast Member states there were a few guest complaints this morning, since many were shocked to see the barricades with no warning, but the situation seems to be under control with characters still meeting for photos and autographs outside over by the bathrooms.

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