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EXCLUSIVE: Guest Falls For This Proposal At Disney World

When we first came across a tale on a popular Disney Facebook group chronicling the story of how one Disney fan witnessed her sister get proposed to on the Tower of Terror with the cast involved, we had to learn more. Stacie Greeson was on a Disney getaway with her husband, children, best friend, sister and sister’s boyfriend with no expectations of any extraordinary events outside of having a wonderful vacation. Starting with a casual conversation during a 3-hour Flight of Passage wait, their week would quickly change into a unique fairy-tale.

Stacie greeson

As Stacy’s husband and sister stayed back to prepare her kids for the day, she was joined by her best friend and sister’s boyfriend in Pandora in Animal Kingdom where they jumped in one of the longest lines in Disney World, the Flight of Passage. During their 3-hour wait, her sister’s boyfriend detailed how he was planning on proposing sometime in May (the story takes place in January) and wanted all of their family there. Stacy pointed out that her sister would know what is happening if her father was present and decided to suggest an alternative plan.

Stacy began to propose a plan that involved the Tower of Terror, a custom sign to hold up for the post-ride photos, a ring and a once in a lifetime opportunity with her sister and sister’s boyfriend in matching T-shirts (see below)


With the plan set, the team moved into action. As the boyfriend made up an excuse (headache) to buy time to acquire the necessities (ring, sign, etc.), the target was a 7PM meet up at the Tower of Terror. As his search began, he came across the caricature artist at the Art of Animation resort and shared his plan. The artist obliged and even said he would deliver the sign to the Tower of Terror by 7. With the ring purchased, he returned to the group ready to propose.

He then received a phone call from the Tower of Terror staff who noted that the sign had arrived but that they couldn’t allow guests to hold the sign during the ride. Just when the plan was starting to fall apart, the Tower staff suggested an alternative…have the bell hops hold the sign in the background. As the group wandered closer to the Tower of Terror ride, cast members identified the group and noticed Stacie’s daughter in her Tower of Terror accessories and asked the group if they’d like a private tour of the ride.

At the conclusion of the tour, the cast told the group they can ride alone but asked if they could come along for the ride. As the magical moment concluded, the staff at the Tower cleared out the other guests, brought in the photo pass crew, had bride and groom Mickey hats made and even made dinner reservations for the couple! The picture and ring were then presented completing this magical tale that came together in one day…

Stacie greeson
Stacie greeson
Stacie greeson

They were married on March 30th, 2019!

stacie greeson

So here’s to the happy couple and a life filled with finishing each other’s sandwiches…


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