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EXCLUSIVE: Baby Yoda’s First Trip to Disney World!

Baby Yoda has taken his first trip to Disney World! It looks like The Child wanted in on all the fun being had at Magic Kingdom now that the park has reopened.

Take a look at some exclusive photos that captured his first trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Credit: @brookehimel

Baby Yoda was definitely feeling all the love while at Magic Kingdom! From the magic and popcorn in the air to all the hugs and kisses from his parents, his trip couldn’t have been any better. He’s also wearing a mask, which is in line with all of Disney’s rules in the parks. Even Baby Yoda knows how to stay safe!

Castle pics or it didn’t happen, am I right? The Child just had to pose in front of Cinderella’s Castle to show off his ‘1st Visit’ pin and the castle’s new paint job! What’s more iconic than the cutest creature in the galaxy posing in front of the most photographed place on Earth?

Credit: @brookehimel

This was truly a visit of firsts! Baby Yoda also took some of his first steps in front of the castle. His little waddle is just too cute to miss!

Credit: @brookehimel

What’s more perfect than a family-photo in front of the castle?

Disney Dad’s are just the best. Even though there are no firework shows happening right now, this little guy still needed a boost to see every bit of Magic Kingdom. Don’t be fooled by his size though because we are pretty sure he could totally lift that castle off the ground using the force.

Credit: @brookehimel

Even galactic creatures need some time to cool off! Baby Yoda is no stranger to the heat since he comes from the desert-like planet of Arvala-7. However, the Florida heat while wearing a mask can sometimes be hard to beat!

Credit: @brookehimel

It looks like Baby Yoda loved waving at the Liberty Square Riverboat! It must have been a great change of scenery to watch a boat go by rather than spaceships and star cruisers whizzing through space. The Child definitely knows how to relax.

Credit: @brookehimel

Baby Yoda next to a Donald Duck Wishable is something we never knew we needed! A trip to Disney World would never be complete without at least one souvenir.

Credit: @brookehimel

A trip to Disney World also would not be complete without a pair of Mickey Ears! Just as classic as Baby Yoda is, it looks like he went with the classic black Mickey Ears. The perfect accessory for the perfect day!

Credit: @brookehimel

The Child also rode some of his first thrill rides! His first ride was Splash Mountain and it’s probably safe to assume that he used the force to deter all of the water on the big drop down. Who wants to walk around in a damp coat?

Credit: @brookehimel

Give us ALL of the Baby Yoda poses! He really knows how to work the camera!

Credit: @brookehimel

The Child also had to ride one of the other classic thrill rides at Magic Kingdom. We can only imagine how excited he must have been to ride the wildest ride in the wilderness!

It definitely looks like Baby Yoda had a great time during his first trip to Disney World! Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him and Mando in the fall for the second season of The Mandalorian.

All credit is given to Brooke Himel for these amazing photos! You can follow her Instagram here.


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