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Elsa Will Have A Love Interest In “Frozen 2”, But Is It A He Or She?




Elsa may be getting a girlfriend in the upcoming “Frozen 2”. Apparently, a new rumour by Revenge of the Fans has been going around claiming that the Ice Queen will come out as either gay or bisexual in the sequel.

Being the highest grossing animated film of all time, “Frozen” has broken more than just records but also boundaries as it goes against the usual Disney Princess tropes that we know, which is why the studio is being extra careful with the follow-up, making sure that it lives up to the audience’s expectation.

According to Disney insiders, it is confirmed that the sequel will introduce a love interest for Elsa though the gender identity is not revealed. But with “Westworld’s” Evan Rachel Wood – an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ community – joining the cast, many have concluded that the actress will be playing the love interest.

Since the release of “Frozen” in 2013, many fans are speculating that Elsa is either gay or bisexual with the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend going viral on many social media platforms. Some fans even started a campaign to make sure that Disney heard their voices.

There’s no official confirmation from Disney so far, the closest support to this rumour was a comment from “Frozen” co-director Jennifer Lee, who acknowledged that they are aware of the fans’ voices and the team behind “Frozen 2” has been discussing about this. Lee ended the question about Elsa’s sexual preference in an open-ended answer by saying, “We’ll see where we go”.

It is not known whether Disney will really go along with the fans for this, but we know for sure that either way, the studio will be getting backlashes from one side or the other.

Even before, Disney has been secretly inserting or hinting several LGBTQ characters in some of its past films though they’re usually the minor roles and aren’t very obvious.

The character that has been officially confirmed as gay was LeFou from the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie, which is still not very obvious when the movie came out, but it became a high controversy as some conservative and traditional fans are against the idea and even boycotted the film.

Even in Malaysia, the movie was almost banned by the local censorship board as Disney refused to censor the “gay moment”, so if Disney is giving the green light to this concept, than there’s a high chance that the movie won’t be coming to the country at all.