It looks like Disney is aiming for new heights in their live shows. A recently published patent, filed by Disney Enterprise Inc., shines light on where Disney’s shows may be going in the future.

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The patent, titled “Aerial Show System Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Energy to Animate Creative Show Elements,” was filed in September 2019. It includes various drawings that depict drones flying objects, including a pirate ship, through the air. In order to make sure the drones are hitting their marks during shows, Disney would use this system.

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Disney notes that they’ve already began using drones to carry small set pieces or trigger show effects. However, he current system often has problems syncing with other elements Disney uses. This causes Disney to be concerned that guests may feel their shows don’t flow.  “The show production may be simplified to make a UAV appear to hit certain marks at the same time as other show elements, and this lack of tight synchronization may cause the appearance of UAVs within an aerial display or show to be perceived as arbitrary and disjointed.”

source: google

This isn’t the first time Disney has used drones. In fact, they’ve used them since 2016. First, for the “Starbright Holidays” drone show at Disney Springs. Then, they were used at the dedication ceremony for Rise of Resistance. Disney has not yet commented on the release of the patent, but we will update the story as more information becomes available.

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