Does anyone remember when the Disney Kingdom was protected by the Power Rangers?

Victor Salinas

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan or not, chances are you have come across the superhero team in colored spandex known as the Power Rangers. Starting out in 1993 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and still continuing 27 years later with 28 seasons and comprising 22 different teams, Power Rangers are a staple of pop culture and part of your childhood if you were born in the 90s.

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During its lifetime, different media companies have bought the ownership of Power Rangers out. Does anyone remember when Power Rangers were part of the Disney brand?

In 2001, Disney gained the rights to Power Rangers from Saban Entertainment. Originally Disney intended to cancel the series after just one season (Power Rangers Wild Force) because of high production cost. It was then that producers Douglas Sloan and Ann Austin convinced executives to move shooting of the show to New Zealand for a fraction of the cost, giving fans of the series 8 seasons before selling the rights back to Seban.

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Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers Wild Force is the 10th incarnation of the series, first with Disney behind the helm. Harnessing the power of animals the Rangers face off against the Orgs to protect the planet. One major highlight of this season was the 10th anniversary of Power Rangers giving fans a huge team-up featuring every main red ranger to hold the title since the beginning of the series.

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Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is the next incarnation released. The first season shot in New Zealand and they make the most of it by shooting many episodes featuring New Zealand’s beaches. Three unlikely students of the Wind Ninja academy must become Power Rangers after they are the only ones left remaining from an attack by the season’s villain Lothor. They spend the season avenging their fellow ninjas and ridding the world of Lothor.

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Power Rangers Dino Thunder

The next team given to us by Disney is Power Rangers Dino Thunder. This season we follow 3 high school students harness the powers of the dino gems after receiving detention. Series veteran Jason David Frank returns as Tommy Oliver to take the role of team mentor and the black ranger. The rangers must stop the evil Mesogog from eradicating humanity and taking Earth back to the age of dinosaurs.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta (SPD) takes place in the not too far future of 2025. (Take into account that this show premiered in 2005 so it seemed for of an impressive time jump compared to now. ) The SPD team acts as an earth police force protecting humans and aliens alike and keeping them living in harmony. The Rangers protect Earth from Gruummwho wants to take over the universe planet by planet.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Power Rangers Mystic Force might be the most Disney themed Disney season. This is a team of power rangers that use magic and, in a move that would upset Edna Mode, wear capes. In true power ranger fashion, this team must protect the world using magic from the darkness. One of the oddest seasons to date, but this seemed as if Disney was attempting to bring their fairytale tone to Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

In what has become known among fans as the worst season that almost killed the franchise, we have Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. A season themed around treasure hunting. Think Power Rangers with a hint of Indiana Jones. This season was different because of multiple antagonists vs the usual single big bad. The only thing that saved this season was an anniversary team-up. In a 2 part episode they brought back past Disney era rangers and Mighty Morphin alum Adam Park, played by Johnny Yong Bosch.

once a ranger, always a ranger

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Power Rangers Jungle Fury had such potential to be an amazing season. Students training in different Kung Fu must stop an ancient evil that has awakened. This season had some of the best fight choreography in any season and don’t even get me started on that amazing theme song that will enter your head and won’t leave for days. Unfortunately, the 2007 writers’ strike took place during its run, causing episodes to be rushed out at the last minute while being written by an intern.

Power Rangers RPM

Disney planned for Power Rangers RPM to be the final season of the entire series. Since there was no plan to continue Disney did something different. They made the season dark (as dark as you can make Power Rangers) the first episode starts with earth already taken over and is a wasteland. A virus has taken over the world and there is only one city remaining. The rangers aren’t focused on stopping the virus but just protecting the last of humanity. The glorious thing about this season is the tone of the show, think of Mad Max with Power Rangers.

During the time where Disney owned the property, there would be character meet and greets hosted at Hollywood Studios near the Extreme Stunt Show. You would meet.

  • Red SPD Power Ranger
  • Green Samurai Power Ranger
  • Pink Mystic Force Force Power Ranger
  • Yellow Operation Overdrive Power Ranger
  • White Dino Thunder Power Ranger

Periodically, a Power Ranger themed car would drive up with a few rangers. They would pose for photos, do some stunts, and sign autographs. Did anyone ever get to experience these character meets?

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