“A Whole New World” could be headed right to your homes! Disney’s Broadway show ‘Aladdin’ could be coming to Disney+.

There have been plenty of rumors circulating the internet about the hit Broadway show coming to the streaming service. With Hamilton leading the way in Disney’s most recent broadway release, many are speculating more of their hit shows will be making their way onto the platform.

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Disney’s hit West End musical, Aladdin, was filmed for worldwide release just before closing in London sometime last year. A Disney representative confirmed that the live show had been recorded and was scheduled to drop earlier this year. With the unexpected release of Hamilton on Disney+, this obviously changed.

The hit show opened on June 15th, 2016 at the Prince Edward Theater. It ran for nearly three years as it rose to critical acclaim.

The live recording will feature Broadway cast member Trevor Dion Nicholas as Genie, and various cast members from several other productions of Aladdin from around the world for this special film.

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With the incredible success of Hamilton many are hoping that Disney will add to their Broadway content on Disney+. There are shows like The Lion King and Frozen that could be added alongside Aladdin: Live from the West End. The show could very well be coming to Disney+, but it is now only a matter of when.

We’ll be keeping our magic carpets close by as we wait for the release of this fantastic show!

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