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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Re-opening July 15 After Being Closed for 123 days




As we enter a new era of domestic and global travel, Disney fans anxiously await the reopening of beloved theme parks; because to us, they are home.

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Disneyland Paris (DLP) is the next Disney Park set to open, in just 2 weeks, on July 15. Before greeting guests, cast members will be trained to prepare for implementation of new and enhanced safety measures.

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As we have seen at other recent Disney openings, Disneyland Paris plans to incorporate “enhanced health and safety measures” including increasing cleaning measures, limiting park and event capacity, physical distancing, installing hand washing and sanitizing stations, and requiring masks for all guests ages 11 and up at all times with the exception of dining.

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DLP is set to reopen in phases to maintain the guidelines set by the French government. Everyone will need a dated ticket to enter the parks which can only be purchased online or reserved through a complete travel package over the phone. Those purchasing travel packages through DLP will not need to use the online reservation system, as they will be part of the package. All others, including annual pass holders, will need to use the reservation system to ensure that tickets are available on the date(s) of travel. No on-site tickets will be sold.

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To support physical distancing, large stickers will be affixed to lines and single rider lines and fastpass lines will be unavailable; however, families will still be allowed to remain together. Playgrounds will remain closed and face painting and princess-for-a-day will not be available.

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Perhaps the most painful, yet completely understandable, change is the loss of traditional meet and greet encounters. While guests are obviously saddened by this, Disney has promised unexpected character appearances and selfie spots to allow attendees a new and innovative way to still capture charactered memories.

For now, the Disney Stars on Parade and Disney Illuminations night time spectacular are also cancelled, although DLP says that they will “return at a later date”. Other shows may either be cancelled or shown with limited attendance to maintain physical distancing. Upon reopening, the Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands will reopen with socially distanced seating. Availability of this attraction can be checked through the official park app and webpage.

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The parks, resorts, and property have undergone a deep clean during the recent four-month closure and some of the ‘enhanced’ cleaning measures to continue are: increased cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic areas, new cleaning materials, double pillow cases, removal of single use/multi-touch items like pens and paper, and attendants will only enter your room if they are requested. Of course, contactless payments are encouraged as an additional measure of safety.

Photo: Disneyland Paris Facebook

In line with other recent Disney openings, Disney wants to remind us that we choose to travel at our own risk.

Screenshot: Disneyland Paris Website

For me and mine, we plan to return to the park within the first few months after opening, once a few more (hopefully) restaurants and hotels have opened. Disney is home for us and it would be hard to keep us away. After we visit, I’ll be sure to let you know how the magic continues in a COVID world.

You can find the most current information directly on the Disneyland Paris website:

With four children of my own, I know what the magic of Disney means to families. My babies adore Disney, and I am their supplier!! Sharing in the wonder and joy of Disney brings me closer to friends and family and gives me hope - if only we could all learn to love like Belle, forgive like Cinderella, have confidence like Tiana, be brave like Merida, be persistent like Snow, think outside the box like Ariel, stand up for what we want like Jasmine, and be trusting of the goodness in humanity like Rapunzel- this world we live in can be as magical as any Disney movie. This is the world I imagine that Walt Disney wanted- one where we could see a little bit of ourselves in his world in order to make our world a more magical place.

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