Disney World’s 3 S’s!

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Sweet, salty, or savory! Walt Disney World always has something to offer for foodies of all kinds, we are going to guide your “three S’s” (sweet, savory, and salty) to 5 game changers.

Let’s check them out!


First, move on over Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ears!  Epcot is bringing it with a Rose Gold CUPCAKE – it is almost too gorgeous to eat!  This cupcake can be found at Sunshine Seasons, where it is beautifully crafted with hazelnut swirl, rose gold buttercream, fondant ears, edible glitter and chocolate pearls.   This Instagram ready cupcake is as beautiful on the outside, as it is on the inside… by that I mean YUM.


The Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom Park brings not just a vanilla cupcake, but a vanilla MERMAID cupcake!  This cupcake is as full of color as it is with sprinkles, it is also topped with sea foam green buttercream, chocolate crispy pearls, sprinkles, and a dazzling mermaid tail cookie on the top.


Did someone say BRUNCH? Disney Springs is riding into the sunrise with their Bacon & Pecan doughnuts, drizzled, again I said DRIZZLED with caramel.  You can find this yummy treat and many more breakfast goodies at Rise and Shine Southern Brunch on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Hog dog fans will definitely want to head over to Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom and curve that savory tooth!  This hot diggity dog is loaded with roast beef and if that isn’t enough, it’s topped off with sautéed peppers and onions!


Finally, let’s not forget a new “SUPER” salty favorite (see what I did there) – the Lunching Pad at Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrow Land came in hot with a Mrs. Incredible Pretzel Mask!  This pretzel is coated with black salt and served to your liking with either warm cheese sauce or yellow mustard.


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