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Disney World Won’t Be Hosting Super Bowl Parade In 2021




As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs prepare for their matchup in Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay, Florida, one this is clear – the winner will not being celebrating their victory in Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World has announced that their annual tradition of the Super Bowl winning team enjoying a parade down Main St. in Magic Kingdom will not be taking place. The commercial with the unforgettable line “I am going to Disney World!” featuring the winners star player will remain, however. The tradition began in 1987 for the New York Giants staring Phil Simms.

Fortunately, both teams have a few representatives who have been able to experience the Super Bowl parade in Disney including Patrick Mahomes (above) who was able to enjoy a trip down Main St. last year and Tom Brady (below) who is appearing in his 10th (TENTH!) Super Bowl and his 7th victory. Disney execs hope that the tradition can be resumed in 2022 following the next Super Bowl.

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