Disney Voice Actors Who Look Like Their Animated Character

Carolyn Ambacher

Ed Asner/Carl Fredricksen

Source: Google

No assistance needed to see that Carl Fredricksen resembles Ed Asner, who voiced him in the movie “Up.” The resemblance doesn’t stop there though, Asner says he’s also a grumpy old man.

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The Emperor of China/Pat Morita

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You may know him from “The Karate Kid,” but Pat Morita bears a striking resemblance to The Emperoro of China. This is good, because Morita voiced him in the ’98 Disney classic.

Flynn Rider/Zachary Levi

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Smoulder. Zachary Levi and his character Flynn Rider share all the features that make them irresistible.

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Auli’i Cravalho/Moana

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Disney wanted to pick the perfect voice actor for Moana. So much so, that Auil’i Cravalho was the LAST person to audition for the part. It worked out perfectly, because she looks very much like Moana.

Philoctetes/Danny DeVito

source: Google

Danny DeVito resembles the character Philoctetes the most out of anyone on this list. Fans think the resemblance is so strong, that they’ve already started a petition to have him play Phil in the “Hercules” live action remake.

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Sadness/Phyllis Smith

source: google

It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Sadness in “Inside Out.” Especially since Sadness and Phyllis Smith look so similar. I mean, look at that pout!

John Goodman/Sulley


Looking at John Goodman and Sulley, it’s hard to believe Disney didn’t just photoshop blue and purple fur on John Goodman. The lovable voice actor played our favorite lovable ‘kitty.’

Anika Noni Rose/Tiana

Source: Google

Finally, Anika Noni Rose is the embodiment of Tiana. She’s sweet, generous, and fights for what she wants. Recently, she’s talked about the upcoming “Princess and the Frog” ride, opening a “Princess and the Frog” themed restaurant, and getting a “Princess and the Frog 2.”

Often, animators design their characters with actors in mind. It’s nice to see those dreams become a reality. Which Disney character do you think looks like their voice actor?

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