Any Disney fan knows that the power couple at the Disney Parks is Mickey and Minnie. Well, that may not be the case much longer. After more than 50 years, the worlds most loved couple, may be hitting a bit of a snag. Enter best friend Goofy.

Goofy has watched his best friends budding romance for most of his life. But now, it’s looking like Mickey and Minnie’s relationship might be on the rocks.

Goofy and Minnie have been spotted together at different Disney parks, being a bit more than a little friendly. Guests and fans alike have been shocked to see this. But no one has been more shocked than the main mouse himself.

They were first spotted canoodling in Florida, and again in Tokyo. It seems as if the two have been off jet setting together.

Seen at different times, posing with fans, the pair have been less and less secretive about their relationship.

Mickey and Goofy have been best friends their whole lives. So it naturally came as a shock to see that Goofy has been pining for Minnie all these years. And by the looks of it, Minnie seems to be okay with this attention.

In the most shocking proof yet, we see Goofy and Minnie, in what appears to be a passionate kiss. Knowing they were caught, Goofy raises a finger to onlookers. As if pleading with them to keep quiet. However, it’s already too late. Mickey can be seen in the shadows witnessing the whole scandal.

Will Mickey and Minnie get back together? Is Donald Mickey’s new best friend now? Only time will tell if the trio will be able to make it past all this.

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