Disney Made a Working Lightsaber? It’s Not What You Think..

Tabitha Boothe

Disney made a working lightsaber? I’m sure they dressed it up a bit; but it’s not gonna be what people think.

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Earlier this month, Disney unveiled a new “working lightsaber”. It was shown during “A Special Look Inside the Disney Parks” press conference. However, the only time one was shown was when Josh D’Amaro held one up, and turned it on to show that it’s real.

disney made

These new lightsabers are light years beyond what we used to play with as children. They are even a cut above what you can create at the parks themselves. The new technology has ultra realistic sound effects and even has a retractable saber.

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Currently, you will only be able to see these new lightsabers being used by performers and during shows. But hopefully, Disney will make these available for purchase soon.

Disney has filed for patents on a lightsaber in the past; or at least what appears to be lightsaber devices. This could possibly be that new patent. It’s designed to create an “energy” sword effect. In other words, a “flexible strip of light sources”.

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There is no official word on when these new lightsabers will be coming out. But, more than likely, the goal is for Disney’s upcoming Star Wars hotel- the Galactic Starcruiser.

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