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Disney Holiday Sweater and Spirit Jersey Guide

It’s never too soon to start preparing to take those family Christmas card photos, or planning to make quite the impression at your company holiday party. Even if you can’t attend the parks this holiday season, Shop Disney has plenty of warm and cozy cuteness to choose from! From spirit jerseys to light up sweaters, and some styles ranging from baby to adult, there are no excuses this year to be anything less than best dressed in every room you enter!

These pullover coordinating Mickey and Minnie sweaters from the “Holiday Cheer Collection” are exactly what you’ll need to take card and social media-worthy family photos. The details on both are beautiful and include matching candy cane, snowflake and polka dot designs. Mickey is adorned with an applique hat with fur trim, and Minnie is detailed with an applique bow and sequins! These two styles are both available in baby to adult plus-sizes, and are priced between $29.95 and $59.95.

Photos: Shop Disney

If you’re a spirit jersey lover, you have 2 options this year! This first one is a knitted cotton and features adorable stripes and repeating Mickey silhouette patterns. Along with the Mickey on the front chest emblem, the back proudly tells everyone you meet to have a “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!” Adult sizes retail for $69.95

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