Disney has revealed their delicious recipe for “The Grey Stuff”!

When visiting Disney Parks, the rides and shows are only part of the experience. Eating the delicious food around the resorts will make Disney just that more magical! Every delectable portion, from simple snacks to three-course meals, has a brilliant story connected to every bite.

After releasing a few of their famous park recipes, Disney has seen a very positive outcome from their fans online and have decided to share another amazing treat with us!

At the Be Our Guest Restaurant, guests can experience the feeling of French royalty with the beautiful gold and marble decor and the numerous beautifully plated meals. One of these dishes, however, seems to stand out a bit more than the others due to its popularity. The Grey Stuff is a delicious piped dollop of cookies and cream mousse. The only place to get this scrumptious dessert was at the restaurant in Disney, but now it can be made and eaten right at home with only a few simple ingredients!

With all of the recipes Disney has released, you can have your very own Disney feast right at home! 

To see how the grey stuff is made, visit the Disney family site by clicking here.

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Mark Mayes
Mark Mayes
I’m a film student at Penn State University and an aspiring Walt Disney Studios director. While writing for JustDisney, I aim to not only spread the happiness of Disney with the rest of the social media world, but to also learn more about the company myself! 


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