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Disney Gold… Fish, That Is

0 6 months ago

Pepperidge Farms invites Disney Royalty in limited edition Disney Princess goldfish.

The snack that smiles back will soon be responsible for smiles galore with their upcoming limited release Disney Princess and Marvel collaboration.

Credit: Pepperidge Farm

Goldfish crackers have been an American childhood staple for over 50 years; while these real cheese crackers have been a wholesome alternative to chips and candy in their beloved fish shape, they have reinvigorated the brand in the past 20 years with limited edition collections.  

Disney Princess Goldfish
Credit: Pepperidge Farm

While Pepperidge Farm offers a princess themed bag of standard goldfish with mini magenta fish in the bag with regular sized traditional fish. Disney fans who love princesses will get to snack on the iconic princesses; bringing together generations of princess enthusiasts combining crackers shaped like our favorite traditional doting princess, Cinderella, a 90’s strong and independent princess, Jasmine, and a more modern ambitious and dedicated Moana. 

Credit: Pepperidge Farm

For those Disney lovers who prefer superheroes, Goldfish has delivered for you, too!  Marvel themed snacks will also debut limited crackers molded for Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, and the Avengers symbol in bold red, blue, and green packaging.

Credit: Pepperidge Farm

If you’re like the rest of us missing the Mickey shaped goldfish, hurry in to snatch up these Target exclusive treats, slated to be released in June.  

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