During this time of self isolation, Disney fans have found creative ways to keep themselves busy and put a smile on the faces of fellow fans around the world. Primary school teacher Bryoni Bowers from North Wales is one of those creative fans who has done just that by creating a truly stunning character mural.

Bowers hand painted 28 iconic Disney characters on a wall in her backyard. The whole thing started off as a joke when Bowers found out her parents were thinking of painting the wall. Next thing she knew, she was taking requests from family members as to which characters would make it on the wall.

Suggestion mainly came from her niece and nephews. Bowers has been separated from Ryan (10), Harry (5), Shay (4), and Macie (15 months) during the stay-at-home orders. She stated that it has been difficult for the whole family, but the project has helped keep them connected. Her family was updated on the progress with FaceTime calls. When discussing her niece and nephews, Bowers stated, “Shay was the most demanding. He would tell me how cool it was then ask for a new character”. She even noted that she had very strict instructions to include Buzz Lightyear, Minnie, Mickey, and Terk.

According to Bowers, each character took around 4 hours to paint. With 28 characters depicted, that’s a whooping 112 hours of work! She painted each of the characters by hand and used Google Images to match the colors and expressions.

Bowers will be the first to tell you her work is not flawless. She even mentioned “it’s nowhere near perfect, but I love that it’s quirky. Stitch is a little overweight, Lightning McQueen needs a body repair shop, and Thumper looks petrified”. What matters most is that her work brings a smile to the faces of her niece and nephews. She’s very glad that her work has attracted global attention and hopes that it brings light in these uncertain times.

Once lock down orders are lifted in Wales, the family hopes to gather together and enjoy the updated backyard space. The wall will for sure be a statement piece for years to come!

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