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Disney Channel Original Movie Showdown

0 5 months ago

Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM) were the epitome of my childhood. Waking up on Saturday mornings and rewatching them, or staying up Friday nights to watch the premier of new ones was always the best. So I thought I’d bring the nostalgia, and hold a Movie Madness Tournament to vote for the ultimate DCOM.

The movies were seeded depending on their Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, and I only did movies up to, but not into 2010. I did not include any sequels. Each day, I’ll post the seeds for that day. You’ll vote on which movies are your favorites in the article comments (I’ll post an example in the comments). Then the next day, I’ll post the next seed, and this will continue until we’ve decided on the ultimate DCOM!

Source: Wikipedia

Today we’re focusing on Up, Up, and Away, The Poof Point, Can of Worms, and Stepsister from Planet Weird.

Source: Common Ninja

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