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Disney Changes Mask Rules…Again





Downtown Disney has changed their mask rules again. This time, they did it to close even more loopholes guests were finding with their strict mask policy.

N95 Valve Masks banned in parks Source: Google

As reported mid – July, Disney changed the rules after guests started eating and drinking around the park. The “sip and stroll” loophole allowed guests to walk around with no mask, as long as the were drinking. They then banned gator masks and open bottom bandanas, as they felt they weren’t offering enough protection for guests.

Source: Google

Now, Disney will no longer allow guests to wear masks that contain valves, mesh, or holes. The change comes after the CDC released guidelines stating that N95 masks with valves may allow unfiltered air to escape from the mask. This defeats the whole purpose of masks, as they are supposed to stop the wearer from spreading the virus to others.

Source: Shopdisney

In addition to valved masks, Disney also banned mesh masks and those with holes in them. Similar to the valved masks, these masks, while making it “easier” to breathe, pose the risk that unfiltered air will escape them. Guests without proper face masks will be denied entry. If you want cute masks for your Disney trip, you can purchase them here!


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